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Meet Kayla, a Psychic Medium with the extraordinary gift of connecting with the energies of both our earthly realm and the Spirit world.


Using this unique ability, she offers positive and guiding insight on future possibilities as well as joyfully linking individuals with messages from beyond.


Despite having practiced readings since 2019, Kayla still marvels at the extent of her abilities and often laughs in amazement at the accuracy she achieves.

The mystical and "woo-woo" elements hold a special fascination for her, and animal totems frequently feature in her readings, showcasing her knack for animal communication.

As a self-proclaimed Redneck, Kayla owns Red Gate Farm in Shelbyville, KY, where she resides with her beloved horses and dogs.


By day, she works as a preschool teacher, and in her free time, she finds joy in riding her horses Gavin, Phantom, and Bandit.

Book a retreat at her Airbnb right on the farm, where you can enjoy an in-person reading, riding lesson, or a Reiki session with the horses. Immerse yourself in the serenity of farm living, and let Kayla's unique abilities add a touch of magic to your experience.


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