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Kayla is a Psychic Medium who has the unique ability to connect with energy of people in this world as well as the Spirit world. She uses this ability to provide positive and guiding insight. She enjoys helping connect people with messages from the other side. Having been doing readings since 2019, she still is surprised at her abilities and laughs in amazement about her accuracy. 

She is an Advanced Crystal Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer (CCH).  The mystical and “woo woo”intrigue her. 


Animal totems often show up in her readings due to her gift of animal communication. 

A self proclaimed Redneck, Kayla is the owner of Red Gate Farm in Shelbyville KY, where she lives with her horses, dogs and cow.  She works as a preschool teacher and enjoys riding her horses Gavin, Phantom, and Bandit in her free time. 


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